Monday, July 18, 2011

Power Night Prayer Meeting this Friday 7 PM

Good Evening Riverbank,

This Friday evening's prayer meeting is a significant part of following the Spirit of God and His plan for reaching this community. We don't want to make our plans we want His plans and strategies. As you prepare for Friday ask yourself the following questions. I would even take the time to journal or talk to a friend about what God is speaking to you.
How has God uniquely created me (what are my spiritual gifts, abilities, resources, passions, interests, skills, etc.) to fulfill His mission to share the good news of Jesus and set people free right here in Nelson Co.?
Where and with whom has God given me influence?
What are the practical ways that we as the church can meet people right where they are at, rather than expecting them to come to us?
We will take time to share what God has been speaking this week about these questions and pray together Friday evening.

Remember, this is for everyone who is a part of Riverbank grade 6 and up, and there will be childcare for the children under that age.

Be Blessed,

Pastor Brian

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kids Sunday

Good Morning Riverbank,

In case you haven't already heard. Come prepared for a little different worship service this Sunday as we have a our first "Kids Sunday" There will be lots of fun, and excitement for "kids" young and old. I can't tell you what will happen or that will take the surprise out of it, but trust me you will enjoy it and there will be a lot of "energy" in the house. Pass the word and invite your friends.

Also, on Saturday June 11th at 6:30 we will be having our first Vision Connection dinner at the Opry. Cornerstone of Augusta has so graciously agreed to provide the meal for us that evening. Do everything you can to be able to attend. You will not want to miss this evening as we have a lot of fun and I share Vision, direction, and strategy for the the next stage of planting this church in Nelson Co. I am also excited to let you know that Pastor Greg, from the Augusta congregation, and Pastor Gerald, the founding pastor of Cornerstone, will be able to join us. If you know others who may want to be a part of this mission, this would be a great time to invite them.

Have a Great Day,

Pastor Brian

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Exciting Week at Riverbank

Good Evening Riverbank,

I am very excited about this week for two reasons... First, our two adult life groups are kicking off this week. Victoria and I will be leading a group that will meet on Thursday evening at the Church. We will work out future schedule from there, but it will be Thursdays. John and Susie Shimp's group will meet on Wed. at their house. Both groups will meet at 7PM. Bring the whole family and we will have a great time.

So what is a Life Group? Simply put, it is a spiritual family. In today's mobile society maybe your physical family does not live close together or maybe you do not relate on a spiritual level. This is where a Life group comes in. This is the place to make friends, have fun, encourage one another, and grow in your relationship with God with a group of people who desire the same thing.

Feel free to visit whichever group you want to. An e-mail or phone call in advance would be helpful as we plan. John and Susie's info is as follows and mine is below. ( or 434-277-5099)

The second reason that I am excited is that we are going to have our first child dedication here at Riverbank during this Sunday's service on Mother's day. This is a time for parents to dedicate there children to the Lord and themselves to raise those children a Godly manner. I you have never done this (no matter what the age of your children) I really encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. Please email me and let me know if you would like to participate so that we can plan.

Have a great week,

Pastor Brian

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Friday Update

Good Evening Riverbank,

Due to the fact that the weather is not looking very promising for tomorrow evening. We will are canceling the door to door inviting in Lovingston. We will reschedule for another time. However, we will not be easily deterred from fulfilling the mission that Jesus has given us make a difference in Nelson County. Use whatever means you can (talk to your co-workers, Facebook, Email, or the old fashioned telephone) to pass the word that Easter Sunday will be awesome at the Riverbank. I am praying a believing for the resurrection power of Jesus to meet us and make a practical, real difference in our lives.

Take Care,

Pastor Brian

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Sunday

Good Evening Rivierbank,

This upcoming Sunday is Easter. I am so excited to celebrate our first Easter Sunday as a body of believers. This Sunday will be a special time of sharing and rejoicing in what Jesus did for us on the cross. I am looking for a few people who are willing to share in about 5 minutes how the fact that Jesus rose from the dead has made a real difference in their life. If you are willing to share please reply to this email and let me know so we can talk further about it.

Also, like we talked about on Sunday... this Friday evening we are going to fan out in the neighborhoods around the Lovingston Opry and introduce ourselves to our neighbors and invite them to worship with us Sunday morning. This will be very low key and easy and we will go in small groups (couples, families, youth, etc.) We will meet at the church at 6PM to get ready and will plan to be done about 7:30-8. I look forward to "casting a net" with all the Riverbank team.

Be Blessed,
Pastor Brian